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'The Insulin Factor' Teaches you how to implement a unique plan to Reverse Insulin Resistance!
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The Insulin Factor helps you to determine what nutritional programme you need in order to shed fat, lose weight, improve your energy, banish cravings and correct the underlying insulin resistance. This is based on real life clinical experience, which continues to be successful in Antony's Harley Street Clinic.

This website provides you with a secure and easy means to purchase the supplements referred to in the book, The Insulin Factor. All the ingredients of each product are provided, along with the supplement protocols that appear in the book. Switch your metabolism to become a fat burner and not a fat storer by reversing insulin resistance, not by following a crash diet, but rather by following a sensible, tasty eating plan devised to optimise your insulin levels, as well as other key hormones.

The website gives you access to the Insulin Resistance Questionnaire, and the book itself.

When you order, there is prompt delivery of the products you need to help your health.

An introduction to The Insulin Factor

The book is designed to help the reader not only become more familiar with insulin resistance but how to successfully address the condition for themselves. The information presented is a culmination of over 10 years of Antony's clinical practice and ongoing study presented in a format that makes this complex subject accessible to the interested lay person.

If you have a sluggish metabolism and gain weight too easily then this book is a must read. It offers an explanation of why insulin resistance develops and then describes what you need to eat and what supplements to take. This information comes from clinical experience with thousands of patients as well as many years of scientific research into the subject matter, and attending post-graduate lectures from world experts in the subject, particularly in the USA.

Syndrome X is a descriptive term for the cluster of signs and symptoms that appear when insulin resistance has a hold. Within the book, Nutritional Therapist Antony Haynes provides the reader with a detailed questionnaire to assess your own status, and by which you can monitor your progress. He clearly identifies refined carbohydrates as a profoundly unhealthy food and major contributor to the epidemic of insulin resistance, because their contents lead to unnecessarily elevated insulin and unwanted cravings.