'The Insulin Factor' Teaches you how to implement a unique plan to Reverse Insulin Resistance!

About The Author - Antony J. Haynes

The Author - Antony J. Haynes

Practitioner - Lecturer - Author

Driven by the recognition that Nutritional Therapy is a fast developing practice in line with the rapid output of scientific data concerning the role of foods in human health. Antony spends hundreds of hours a year involved in post graduate education to ensure he is up to date.

From school through the army and into professional life Antony has been passionate about exercise and sport, ranging from triathlon to hockey he has competed and performed as a successful amateur. His understanding of sports physiology and nutritional biochemistry has created a synergy in health provision that is reflected in this book.

The Insulin Factor

The Insulin Factor is Antony's first book on a subject that he has studied for many years, and witnessed in hundreds of patients. Insulin Resistance affects up to 80% of the whole population, with about a quarter of the population having a more full-blown type of Insulin Resistance which is a major cause of obesity, heart disease and then diabetes, as well as contributing to arthritic conditions. For the first time ever in a book, all of the significant contributory factors that cause insulin resistance are brought together in a model of how to reverse insulin resistance.

With an approaching tidal wave of obesity, diabetes and heart disease in the world (not just the civilised countries!), it is hoped that this book will help in some small way to help individuals and their families to choose the best food and exercise to minimise their risk of these killer diseases.

The Food Intolerance Bible

The Food Intolerance Bible was published in 2005, and won the Allergy Magazine Award for being the ‘Best Book’ on the subject in that year.

Even though it was written a decade ago, the information is still very relevant and accurate today. The book describes the prevalence of food intolerance, which might otherwise be termed food reactivity, provides a questionnaire to help identify the presence of such intolerance, and then takes the reader through a series of steps to help resolve their symptoms. Antony identifies the most common foods which can contribute to these reactions to foods and also explains how the digestive system function can be involved in these digestive as well as non-gut symptoms. He presents dietary suggestions as well as specific supplements to support health and help correct the symptoms, and award winning chef and writer Antoinette Savill has prepared delicious recipes that exclude these common culprit foods.

As a qualified nutritional therapist since 1992, and still practising in 2015, Antony has continued to witness the positive health outcomes and resolution of gut & non-gut symptoms with the implementation of the approach described in this book. 


Antony has been qualified as a Nutritional Therapist since 1992. He completed a third year at The Institute for Optimum Nutrition in 1994, receiving the award for top student in each of the three years of study. He has seen patients at a number of different centres in London since 1992 including The Institute for Optimum Nutrition Clinic before establishing his own clinic The Nutrition Clinic in 1996 which is now located at 86 Harley Street.

Antony has had the privilege of meeting over 14,000 patients in the past 23 years. As a consequence, he has been faced with a wide variety of ill health conditions. The most common conditions include blood glucose imbalances and insulin resistance, digestive conditions including the range of symptoms within the encompassing Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), fatigue related conditions, mood disorders as well as conditions in which pain is the major complaint. 

Lecturer & Tutor

He has also been teaching since 1992, and has given lectures covering a wide range of topics at a number of nutrition colleges and other universities including the following: The Institute for Optimum Nutrition (ION), The Raworth College, The Centre for Nutritional Education (CNE), The College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM), The University of Westminster, The University of Hertfordshire. Antony has also presented workshops and lectures to the public and other groups at health centres, gyms, town halls and even on board the QEII. For a number of years in the 1990s, Antony was a tutor to students at ION. In more recent years, Antony has devoted more time to post-graduate education, gaining accreditation for such by The Complementary Medicine Association (CMA) and the British Association of Nutritional Therapists (BANT), of which he is a member.


Antony has appeared in, been the focus of or written for many publications including Elle, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, The Financial Times, The Times, The Independent on Sunday, Hello!, Top Sante, Here’s Health and more besides. Antony has helped other authors of nutritional books including ‘The Diet Cure’ and ‘The Mood Cure’ by Julia Ross. In addition to the two books he has written (‘The Insulin Factor’ in 2004, and ‘The Food Intolerance Bible’ in 2005) - he also  authored a chapter in each of these two books: ‘Nutrition and Mental Health: a handbook’ and ‘Nutrition and Addiction’ both published by Pavilion Publishers. 

Post-Graduate Education

Each year, Antony accrues at least 60 hours of post-graduate education which may include International Seminars in the US, Lectures in the UK, workshops, practitioner presentations and meetings as well as scientific research.

Sports & Exercise

Antony has long been interested in health, with a lifetime interest and participation in sports and exercise. He captained the junior Essex hockey team, and played for the junior East of England side in 1981. He was also in a junior Great Britain ski team in 1980. He represented his school in the first teams for five sports: Rugby, Hockey, Cricket, Squash and Tennis. Whilst studying for his Sports Science degree, at what is now part of Brunel University, he represented his college hockey team that won The British Colleges Cup in 1987. He later represented the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst at hockey, and played cricket for The Royal Anglian Regiment. He has participated in various athletic competitions including winning a silver medal in a triathlon in 1989, and also a gold medal in the Fitness Challenge at Westside Gym in 1998.

He has maintained his fitness for virtually all of his life, and still engages most days in one or more of these types of exercise. However, he also paces himself more now than he did before.